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Construction: synthetic grass fields on a high performance base

Top quality synthetic grass fields require a high performance base. The construction of the base is as much a part of the total surface system as the surface material and underlay. TigerTurf’s design and operations team construct our bases to meet the specifications determined by the various sporting bodies. We use the appropriate drainage and surface tolerances for your sport or application.


There are different methods and materials used for base construction. The choice of base depends on the end usage of the sports surface. The options include asphalt, concrete or dynamic, with or without shock-pads. Information we consider when designing the perfect base includes:

  • Existing drainage reports and drainage performance
  • Topographical surveys and geotechnical reports
  • Sub-base level stability
  • Recommended form of construction from sub-base level up
  • Construction profiles and plans.


Site evaluation and soil testing

TigerTurf tests the site soils to determine the types of soil and their variability, the soil strength, composition, water content, potential for drainage and for shrinkage or swelling through drying and wetting, and other important characteristics. This early site evaluation stage is an essential part of a proper earthwork and foundation design.


A strong, functional base beneath your synthetic grass field

The sub-grade and the base-course beneath an artificial grass sports area have several functions:

  • Supporting the load of all vehicles, plant, machines and materials to be used in the construction (without any excessive deformation being caused).
  • Supporting the load of players and maintenance equipment on the playing surface (without causing any long-term deformation of the surface).
  • Providing protection to the surface from the effects of ground water and sub-grade movement.
  • Draining away the water freely (rain water or neutral groundwater) either into the subsoil or a drainage collection system.
  • Providing porosity and/or run-off through heavy rain, so that the playing surface will not hold standing water for any length of time.

TigerTurf's Civil Division provides a complete service, including base design, base construction, drainage, fencing, installation and lighting systems. It is important that the base is correctly built to maximise the surface’s performance and provide a world-class playing surface. Our fully trained staff can offer advice on the best placement and base type to suit your synthetic grass sports field.