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Capability: TigerTurf manufactures specialised synthetic sports turfs

A TigerTurf synthetic sports turf is significantly more than just a layer of plastic grass. It is a highly engineered artificial grass for sport, designed to replicate as closely as possible the natural features that define the best sports surface.

Our synthetic sports turfs are now designed to give you the playing surface you need for your sport. TigerTurf manufactures non-abrasive artificial turfs for contact sports and playgrounds; water turfs and sand turfs for hockey; long-pile or short-pile turfs for different purposes; and many other specialised turf products.

Superior yarns are used in TigerTurf’s manufacturing processes for artificial turf, and we work hard to make improvements in the base design and construction of our sports turfs. We refine our installation and infill systems to suit your sports surface and the conditions.

The TigerTurf team produces top quality, safe, high performance synthetic turf systems you, your community and TigerTurf can be proud of. This is why you will never experience inferior or poor service when you buy TigerTurf artificial sports surfaces.


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