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Education Overview

Education: multi-sport turfs for schools and institutions


TigerTurf’s synthetic, all-weather, multi-sport turf playing surfaces are fast becoming a standard consideration for primary, intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand and internationally.

  • Multi-sport turf facilities encourage children to play outdoors on colourful, even surfaces with no mud or puddles. Students engage in more activities, play sport, and stay healthy.
  • Use the brilliant colours of our synthetic multi-sport turfs to design chess boards, bright patterns for hopscotch and four-square, and areas for playing quoits and volleyball. Cover bland, cracked asphalt or concrete with TigerTurf’s rainbow-coloured synthetic turfs.
  • TigerTurf’s multi-sport artificial grass enables your school to accommodate a number of different sports on one multi-sport turf surface that has been engineered to satisfy the performance criteria required for each sport.
  • Multi-sport turfs provide better value for money and more efficient use of school land. You now need only one sports area instead of maintaining several sporting venues.


Multi-sport turfs for school sports

There are three distinct synthetic grass options for schools and tertiary providers that can be used in combination or independently:

  • Versatile multi-sport turf surfaces that your school can use for various activities, such as tennis, netball, hockey, football, cricket and basketball.
  • Synthetic sport field grass using a longer pile multi-sport turf that replicates the playing performance and feel of natural turf fields, excellent for football, rugby, AFL, and futsal.
  • TigerTurf’s landscape grass turns passive and recreational areas into attractive all-weather, low-maintenance areas where students can meet, eat and study.

TigerTurf has the right artificial grass multi-sport turf for your requirements, whether your facility is an Early Childhood Centre, Primary, Intermediate, Secondary school or Tertiary provider.

Secondary & Tertiary

Secondary schools and tertiary institutions:

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Primary and Intermediate schools:

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Early Childhood

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