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Early childhood facilities need TigerTurf play surfaces

L.I.F.E – Learning in Fun Environments – encourages children to grow socially, emotionally and physically as they play on our play surfaces. Young children learn readily as they have fun together in colourful, stimulating, safe play areas.

Use TigerTurf play surfaces to make every pathway and play space into a cheerful, glowing, play area designed for your pre-schoolers’ needs.

TigerTurf’s playground turfs for pre-school children make every pathway and play space into a cheerful, glowing play area.

Colourful, safe TigerTurf play surfaces encourage young children to engage in imaginative play, improving their concentration and social skills.

Synthetic play surfaces for young children

Watch your eager children experience LIFE on a TigerTurf play surface.

With TigerTurf’s L.I.F.E play surfaces, your early childhood facility can create fantastic outdoor play areas where children can have fun and adventures while they learn.

  • TigerTurf's vibrant and versatile synthetic grass play surfaces that are safe, soft, durable and inviting. Our colourful playground turfs are useable all year round and require virtually no maintenance!
  • Several of TigerTurf’s playground surfaces have layers of rubber pad cushioning installed beneath the surface. These have been tested for “Critical Fall Height” to confirm that they meet soft fall to critical fall height regulations. We undergo regular independent testing to verify that TigerTurf products continue to exceed Government safety standards.
  • TigerTurf artificial grass play surfaces are much more durable than natural grass. They are ideal for high use or waterlogged areas, with free-draining surfaces children can play on in any weather. Energetic children are not kept inside because of wet or muddy play areas when you have a TigerTurf play area.
  • Multi-purpose synthetic play surfaces are soft, clean, hygienic and inspiring, remaining colourful and inviting for many years.

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L.I.F.E TigerTurf playground surfaces 

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