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Primary and Intermediate schools: multi-purpose turf for playgrounds


TigerTurf’s multi-purpose turfs for all-weather playing surfaces are used in schools within New Zealand and internationally.

Our multi-use, brightly coloured synthetic turf playgrounds encourage children to play – rain or shine. Active children who have fun at school with their friends are healthy, happy children.

TigerTurf synthetic surfaces are designed specifically to meet the recreational needs of younger children. You can install a single multi-purpose turf for many different school activities.

TigerTurf multi-purpose turfs restore school grounds


  • TigerTurf has created a multi-purpose all-weather turf with an extremely durable yet softer playing surface.
  • Our multi-purpose turf is manufactured with many of the playing lines tufted into the surface during manufacture to reduce the number of seams and joins required.
  • We have multi-sport turfs with artificial grass surfaces that require little sand infill, which significantly reduces the migration of sand into classrooms.
  • TigerTurf’s soft, non-abrasive yarn products provide a softer ‘landing’, reducing the injuries and grazed knees caused by asphalt and concrete.
  • Use TigerTurf’s vivid turf colours to create a customised play area suitable for all your school’s outdoor activities, sports and games. Technicolour hopscotch, chess, pat-a-ball, volleyball, badminton…you imagine it, we can make it happen for you.
  • TigerTurf multi-purpose turf can be installed easily over existing asphalt or concrete bases, or installed on TigerTurf custom-built bases.
  • Quality design, construction and installation techniques ensure your TigerTurf artificial playing surface will remain in good structural condition throughout its life.
  • TigerTurf can manage your entire project from concept to completion, quickly converting your cracked and puddled asphalt courts or boggy fields into vibrant, multi-use, all-weather playing facilities that will bring your school grounds to life.
  • TigerTurf synthetic multi-purpose turf systems require little maintenance apart from keeping the surface free of leaves, debris and organic matter, reducing your maintenance costs – excellent for your school budget.


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