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Tennis: Synthetic tennis court turfs for club, school, and home

TigerTurf constructs synthetic tennis courts for international and national competitions, for your tennis club, your school and your home.

Artificial turf tennis courts play consistently

Play on synthetic tennis court turfs with consistency, comfort and safety in all weather; you’ll enjoy every game you play on TigerTurf.
TigerTurf synthetic tennis courts:

  • Can be played on in wet weather without the risk of slipping
  • Are softer on knees and ankles
  • Do not crack or delaminate
  • Are designed to meet the highest playing standards dictated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  • Offer several options to replicate the performance of grass, clay or hard courts.

TigerTurf install and maintain artificial tennis court turfs

Our team at TigerTurf can design, manufacture, install and maintain your synthetic tennis court turf. With 32 years of research and innovation in the development of artificial turf behind us, we have specialised experience to bring to your tennis court project.

For a seriously good tennis court that will become an attractive feature of your home and give you years of fun with your family and friends, ask TigerTurf to build you the right tennis court for your conditions.

Tiger Turf’s medium pile surfaces, including favourites Tournament and Tournament 1000, are long lasting, low maintenance and fit into any home and landscaped setting. Their texturised short pile surfaces, such as Advantage and Trophy are highly durable surfaces suitable for, not only tennis, but a range of other sports.  With suitable line markings for hockey, tennis, netball and basketball, your TigerTurf tennis court can be turned into a multi-sport training ground.


Multi-sport courts enable Tennis Clubs to create sustainagle community facilities.  See how Mt Wellington Tennis and Sports Club have re-invented itself as a modern, diversified community club attracting players with a range of options - all played on TigerTurf.



Tennis Products

TigerTurf Classic synthetic turf is an excellent, hard-wearing surface for junior schools. It is especially manufactured to accommodate all the games,…


Tournament multi-sport turf is the ideal surface for developing the skills needed for different sports activities and games.

Tiger Turf Tournament 1000 synthetic grass is TigerTurf’s most popular multi-use surface and has been specified for schools in Australia and…


TigerTurf Elite is a medium-length, polypropylene fibrillated surface designed to be filled with sand. Available in different colours, this is a top…


TigerTurf’s Trophy hockey turf is a dressed surface designed for hockey facilities that do not wish to water their surfaces, yet want to offer…


TigerTurf’s Advantage is the most advanced and durable tennis surface TigerTurf has made to date. It is an extremely hard-wearing, medium-pile…


  • TigerTurf’s Volley Pro is a short-pile polyethylene surface requiring no infill
  • Indoors and outdoors, it replicates a well-maintained…


TigerTurf’s Evo Pro artificial grass turf takes its DNA from the very successful WETT Dressed hockey turf product. The Evo Pro turf is a product…


Tennis Case Studies

Multi-Sports Courts in Portland

A TigerTurf tennis court can serve more than one purpose. This beautiful court is a family tennis court with a TigerTurf Evo Pro multi-sports surface,…


Beach Haven Leisure Centre

The Auckland Council plans to increase the use of local sport facilities with the installation of multi-sport surfaces at community sports centres.…


Turning a steep hill paddock into a tennis court

Turning a rough rural paddock with a steep slope into a tennis court is all in a day’s work for TigerTurf. 

The challenges with…


Edgar Sports Centre

The Edgar Centre, Dunedin’s popular indoor sports centre is one of the largest indoor sports venues in the southern hemisphere.

The new…


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