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TigerTurf manufactures specialised synthetic sports turf surfaces


A TigerTurf synthetic turf surface is significantly more than just fake grass; it is an innovative synthetic turf surface for sport. While it may closely resemble natural grass, it has all the performance features of a technically advanced sports surface.

After decades of research and development, TigerTurf can manufacture synthetic sports surfaces that are specifically designed to be the playing surface you need for your chosen sport. TigerTurf is capable of manufacturing non-abrasive synthetic turf surfaces for contact sports, junior playgrounds, sand turfs and water turfs for hockey, long-pile or short-pile sports turfs to suit all requirements, and many other similarly specialised turf products.

We constantly refine the design and construction of our various sports turfs and use only the best yarns in the manufacturing process. We also customise installation and infill systems according to your project environment and synthetic sports surface.

When you choose a TigerTurf sports turf surface, we work hard to provide you with a high performance synthetic sports surface you and TigerTurf will take pride in.


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