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TigerTurf's Research and Development department produces innovative synthetic turfs that respond exceptionally to the demands of high performance sports. Our innovations also improve our operating processes, giving us the ability to develop successful new synthetic turf products and systems. These include cricket turfs with the ball performance of natural turf but without the maintenance problems, and non-abrasive turf for contact sports. TigerTurf's pioneering innovations have changed sports surfaces forever.


These significant innovations have spurred an equally rapid expansion in the sports turf market as the potential of high performance synthetic turfs has been realised.


TigerTurf's Development Centre in the UK


TigerTurf has Research and Development offices at each of its major international production facilities and a fully equipped Development Centre based in the UK. This Research and Development network produces synthetic turf systems that have been subjected to intensive testing in accordance with the demands of particular sports governing bodies as well as demand of environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint.


Our Development teams focus on sports systems in which component parts work together to produce durable, safe, sports turf surfaces that enhance performance. There are several aspects to consider:     

  • Grass fibre polymer chemistry and profile design
  • Premium primary backing fabric and secondary coating design
  • Shock absorbency layers
  • Infill material company partnerships

TigerTurf continues to manage our environmental sustainability and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

The TigerTurf Design Centre for synthetic turf


The TigerTurf UK Development Centre comprises the Design Centre, a fully equipped Sports Testing Laboratory and the Environmental Testing Laboratory.

Our Design Centre is able to imitate the production capabilities of all TigerTurf factories throughout the world on our tufting and coating pilot production machinery. TigerTurf puts theoretical ideas to the test by making pilot turf samples, which are comprehensively tested and then fine-tuned until our quality standards are achieved. This facility develops advanced performance sports turf surfaces that can withstand tough playing and environmental conditions. It is also a training centre for our production operatives so we can maintain consistently high standards throughout our entire turf production.


Sports Testing Laboratory


TigerTurf's sports testing laboratory uses test apparatus that can measure the interaction between player and surface, and between ball and surface. Several tests are conducted:

  • Shock absorbency
  • Energy restitution
  • Ball bounce
  • Roll and deceleration

In addition, this laboratory tests the safety and bio-mechanical qualities of a synthetic turf system, such as head impact criteria (HIC).


The Environmental Testing Laboratory


Our Environmental Testing Laboratory tests the various physical properties of synthetic turf systems and their components. Here, we also measure the effect of the environment, taking into account the effect of extreme heat and cold, UV radiation and exposure to moisture. Such tests assess the performance of all materials used, including grass fibres, coating materials, shock pads, seaming adhesives, and infill in the most extreme conditions. We also have equipment that simulates intensive use of the turf system, and that allows the effects and changes in performance to be measured. It is able to test the impact of different footwear on turf surfaces, and assesses different methods of turf maintenance.


International sports federations approve and certify TigerTurf synthetic turfs


Many TigerTurf synthetic sport turfs have been tested and approved by governing bodies of international sports. TigerTurf works closely with approved testing institutes, sports governing bodies, organisations that administer quality standards, Universities and our valued partner suppliers.

Most importantly, we listen to sportsmen and sportswomen, and develop the best synthetic turf systems for their needs so that athletes of all abilities can excel in their sport.