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Installation of TigerTurf synthetic turf surfaces

Your TigerTurf synthetic grass turf will give you excellent performance for many years when correctly installed. It is important to us that you are proud of your TigerTurf surface, and for that reason we recommend using a specialist sports contractor or experienced landscape installer to install your new TigerTurf system.


We recommend that you only use experienced and trusted contracting partners, who follow our guidelines and work to our exacting standards so that we can be sure that your TigerTurf facility will provide many years of high level performance and excellent aesthetics.


TigerTurf can provide installation partners with seaming tape and specialist adhesives from our suppliers to joint every seam securely. Some playing lines can be permanently inlaid into the surface in this way, and many others are manufactured into the turf.


The correct selection of infill materials is crucial if the synthetic turf systems are to perform to their potential and achieve the standards set out by us and by international sport governing bodies. All our independent test reports clearly state the required specifications and quantities, and are approved by TigerTurf's own Research and Development team.


Some TigerTurf sports systems will require a shock pad to achieve the appropriate performance standards as set out by the relevant governing body, and there are a number of approved shock pad options for you to choose from.

The choice of infill materials is important if TigerTurf's synthetic turf systems are to perform to the standards laid out in test procedures. TigerTurf specifications clearly state the necessary grade of infill material and we work closely with the providers of quality infill.

Visual inspections of the completed artificial grass turf can be backed up by independent tests on seam strength, tuft withdrawal and other sport-specific requirements such as ball roll and bounce.