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Maintenance of TigerTurf synthetic turf sports surfaces


TigerTurf synthetic turf sport surfaces require less maintenance than natural turf fields and if you follow TigerTurf's recommended maintenance procedures, you will ensure the performance of your synthetic turf surface throughout its lifespan. TigerTurf Maintenance Guidelines are available for the facility owner once installation is complete.

Keep your sports turf in play the TigerTurf way


Your contractor or installation partner can advise you on the best equipment for maintaining your synthetic turf surface and about the importance of maintenance for your surface. Regular maintenance is quick and easy if carried out regularly, and will help to keep your sports turf in top playing condition for much longer. 


Partnerships with equipment and maintenance providers


TigerTurf has strong partnerships with equipment suppliers and specialist turf maintenance providers. We work together to create the most effective maintenance techniques for our products. Wherever you are, we can help you find the right services to keep your sports turf in good order, or arrange for you to have the correct equipment if you prefer to manage your own turf maintenance. 

With decades of knowledge and experience within the TigerTurf team, you can be assured of getting the best advice on caring for your TigerTurf sports surface.