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Manufacturing TigerTurf synthetic turf sport surfaces


TigerTurf synthetic sport surfaces are made from the world’s best yarns, which are developed and manufactured by TenCate Grass. TenCate lead the world in the development of yarn for synthetic turf surfaces, with a product range including the most advanced yarns available such as TenCate's XQ technology and XP blade technology.


TenCate’s yarns have been designed to sustain the rigorous performance standards of modern synthetic turf surfaces and landscape turf systems. The international research and development department of TenCate builds upon its decades of experience in the development of synthetic turf components in order to continually improve its products.

TigerTurf synthetic turf surfaces are made from high-quality yarns

TigerTurf uses TenCate's exceptional yarns to manufacture a comprehensive range of synthetic turf surfaces for sports, landscape and leisure. Tight quality controls are implemented throughout our manufacturing process:

  • Checking the yarns for defects before manufacturing begins
  • Correctly setting up machines
  • Examining the backings and tufted product as well as the latex backing
  • Overseeing the final rollup of the turf

TigerTurf's products are tested for uniformity of pile weight, tuft bind, latex coating and pile heights at several intervals during the manufacture of our turf products so that the product is of the highest standard and fulfils our exact specification requirements. The pile weight (the weight of the yarn that is visible above the carpet backing) of the product plays a significant part in determining the durability of the turf. TigerTurf's research and development team constantly improve our manufacturing processes and are currently examining methods of recycling used sport surfaces, as well as working towards producing 100% recyclable products.