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Education: Synthetic Multi-Sport turfs for schools and educational institutions

Education Overview:


TigerTurf's synthetic, all-weather, multi-sport turf playing surfaces are used extensively for primary and secondary schools in the UK and internationally.

Synthetic, multi-sport turf playgrounds tempt children outdoors to play on colourful, safe surfaces with no mud or puddles, whatever the weather. Students who play together and enjoy sport will be healthy and happy children.

• TigerTurf's vibrantly coloured synthetic multi-sport turfs can be used for chess boards, brightly patterned hopscotch and four-square, and cheerful areas for playing quoits and volleyball. TigerTurf's LIFE durable synthetic turf product rejuvenates bland, cracked asphalt or concrete with a surface children can play and learn on.

• Use TigerTurf’s multi-sport artificial grass to accommodate a number of different school sports on one multi-sport turf surface that incorporates the performance criteria required for each sport.

• Synthetic multi-sport turf surfaces give excellent value for money and make more efficient use of school land. Instead of maintaining several sporting venues, you now need only one all-weather TigerTurf multi-sport turf facility.


Multi-Sport turf surfaces for school sports

There are three distinct synthetic grass options that schools and tertiary providers that can use, either as a combination or independently:
• Versatile multi-sport turf surfaces that your school can use for various activities, such as tennis, netball, hockey, football, cricket and basketball.
• Synthetic sport field grass using a longer pile, multi-sport turf with the playing performance and feel of natural grass fields. This turf is the perfect sports surface for rugby, football, AFL, and futsal.
• TigerTurf’s landscape artificial grass is fresh and inviting when used for all-weather passive and recreational areas where students can socialise and study.

TigerTurf has the best synthetic multi-sport turfs for your Early Childhood Centre, Primary, Secondary School or further education establishment.

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