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Primary Schools & Early Childhood Centres: Multi-purpose turf for playgrounds

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TigerTurf's L.I.F.E – Learning in Fun Environments – playground turfs give children bright, cheerful play areas in which they can happily play with each other and developing socially and emotionally as they have fun together.


Active children are healthy, happy and easy to teach. The vivid colours of our synthetic playground turfs encourage children to play outside, which is essential to their physical and intellectual growth. Every pathway and play space can become a vibrant play area with a TigerTurf LIFE surface designed for young children.


TigerTurf works with a number of selected installers in the UK for the LIFE product. With a good understanding of curricular requirements, installers work closely with schools from the initial planning stages to installation, to turn your ideas into practical, imaginative playgrounds.


Synthetic playground turfs for young children


Children who enjoy TigerTurf LIFE turf on a playground, having fun and adventures together, are learning in the best way possible.


  • TigerTurf synthetic surfaces have been designed with the recreational needs of younger children in mind. A single multi-purpose turf can be used for many different school and pre-school activities.
  • TigerTurf produces several playground turf surfaces that have layers of rubber pad cushioning beneath the surface. The play surface is tested for 'Critical Fall Height' so we can be sure that they meet soft fall to critical fall height regulations. TigerTurf products are regularly subjected to independent testing that verifies that the surfaces continue to exceed Government safety standards for playground surfaces.
  • TigerTurf synthetic playground turfs are far more durable than natural grass. They are perfect for busy playgrounds or in waterlogged areas. As a result of our turfs have free-draining surfaces, children can play on the playground turf in any weather. Children eager to play are not restricted by wet or muddy play areas when you have a TigerTurf playground.
  • Multi-purpose synthetic playground turfs are safe and hygienic; inspiring imaginative childhood games for many years.

Revitalise school playgrounds with TigerTurf multi-purpose playground turfs


TigerTurf’s multi-purpose playground turfs are used for all-weather playgrounds in schools around the UK and internationally.


  • Our multi-purpose turf is manufactured with many of the playing lines tufted into the surface during manufacture to reduce the number of seams and joins required.
  • We have multi-sport turfs with artificial grass surfaces that require little sand infill, which significantly reduces the migration of sand into classrooms.
  • TigerTurf’s soft, non-abrasive yarn products provide a softer landing, reducing the injuries and grazed knees caused by asphalt and concrete.
  • Use TigerTurf’s vivid turf colours to create a customised play area suitable for all your school’s outdoor activities, sports and games. Technicolour hopscotch, chess, pat-a-ball, volleyball, badminton…you imagine it, we can make it happen for you.
  • TigerTurf multi-purpose turf can be installed easily over existing asphalt or concrete bases, quickly converting your cracked and puddled asphalt courts or boggy fields into vibrant, multi-use, all-weather playing facilities that will bring your school grounds to life.
  • TigerTurf synthetic multi-purpose turf systems require little maintenance apart from keeping the surface free of leaves, debris and organic matter, reducing your maintenance costs – excellent for your school budget!

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