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Secondary schools and Further Educational institutions: artificial sports turfs

TigerTurf has many years' experience producing synthetic turf surfaces for the education sector. There are many advantages to installing an all-weather TigerTurf sports centre with a low maintenance, high performance sports surface. A customised synthetic turf sports surface can be produced for your specific conditions and requirements by our experienced design, build and installation teams.

TigerTurf multi-sport grounds for your school


TigerTurf multi-sport facilities benefit all sports in schools and higher education:


  • Synthetic sports turf gives your school sports teams more practice time on high-performance surfaces. Fit, active students will be eager to join teams and improve their skills in your new sports facility.
  • A brilliant, versatile synthetic turf surface is always in use and becomes the hub of an energetic, vibrant school community.
  • TigerTurf's sport surfaces can be used in all weather conditions; no need to cancel matches because of soggy grounds or snow. Your TigerTurf artificial grass sports facility is open for play when other sports grounds are closed so you are able to maintain your training and game schedules for your sports teams throughout the season.
  • TigerTurf’s specially cushioned sports surfaces, with or without shock pads are less stressful on players’ knees, ankles and backs, significantly decreasing playground and sporting injuries. 
  • TigerTurf synthetic sports turf is well proven having been successfully installed in thousands of educational establishments globally for over 30 years.


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