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Top quality artificial grass fields require a high performance base. The construction of the base is as much a part of a complete system as the surface material and underlay.


The construction of a traditional sub base holds the majority of the costs in a synthetic turf installation, resulting in a high carbon footprint. The absence of environmental responsibility is due to the amount of excavation work and the transportation of materials on and off the construction site.


TenCate Ecocept™ is an innovative new paved base layer specifically developed for synthetic turf sports surfaces. It integrates seamlessly with synthetic turf products enhancing biomechanical properties, offering load bearing capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone, and providing a performance layer with unrivalled capillary action, creating superior lateral drainage capabilities.


TenCate Accorder® is a geotextile that stabilises most soils effectively, which means that a thinner quality base can be built. This reduces excavation depth, lessens the amount of trucking needed to remove soils and bring in new aggregate and allows less expensive types of soil to be used.


TenCate Sine® is a new innovative shock pad made of cross-linked, closed cell polyethylene foam enhanced by a unique woven construction. TenCate Sine® improves sports technical performances through woven loop construction as well as providing excellent drainage properties in vertical and horizontal directions.


Base System Products

TenCate Sine® is a unique type of shock pad specifically engineered for artificial turf, with excellent…


The construction of a traditional sub base often costs more than the turf and carries a high carbon footprint.  TenCate Accorder™ is a cellular…


TenCate Ecocept™ is an innovative new base system set to revolutionise the construction of high performance sports base systems.  An…