Synthetic Turf Specialist

About TigerTurf United States

TigerTurf supplies the most thoroughly researched, tested and proven synthetic grass production methods within the industry. Product quality is a priority and, coupled with the world’s leading yarn manufacturer, Tencate along with our top distributor, Synthetic Grass Warehouse, your high quality products will ship to your home or business the same day you place your order. TigerTurf U.S. and Synthetic Grass Warehouse have become a resource for high quality products across the nation. Our dynamic partnerships, stringent standards and technologically advanced equipment allows us to deliver excellent synthetic grass products and services for any installer or homeowner. Our reputation for setting the industry benchmark continues to motivate our production and is the driving force behind why installers, architects, home and business owners make their lawns, parks or business landscapes TigerTurf U.S. synthetic grass.