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8 Examples of the Versatility of TigerTurf for Primary Schools

By admin on November 24, 2014

The best school grounds entice children out to play and revitalise the heart of your school.  They are versatile, well planned and easily maintained.

Look through the TigerTurf case studies of primary schools and see the clever ways in which they’ve turned problem areas into features; multi-functional, educational and fun.

TigerTurf artificial grass lawns in primary schools

Quads can be so much more than boring grey asphalt, which becomes so hot in the summer, or a patch of grass that becomes muddy, dusty or prickly. A TigerTurf lawn is soft, well drained, durable, and always fabulous.

1. Horsham Downs School had quad problems. The grass struggled to grow under the pressure of foot traffic, and under the sail, which restricted light. Take a look at the “before and after” photos in the school case study and see the difference made by the TigerTurf lawn. 

2. Newington Public School was rejuvenated by the verdant TigerTurf lawn that replaced the dusty dry patch outside the classrooms. The principal, Ian Adamson, was delighted: “The outdoor play area looks terrific.”

3. The case study for Papatoetoe Central School shows the dramatic improvement made to the playground when the school choose to have a TigerTurf lawn laid over one of our shock pads, 

Multi-purpose synthetic turfs in bright colours for junior playgrounds

4. TigerTurf’s technical multi-sport turfs allow you to use the same area for several sports. Belmont Primary School used a brilliant blue multi-sport turf to set off vibrantly coloured, interactive designs, with fresh green TigerTurf lawns at either side. One of these was laid over our impact-absorbing shock pad to meet fall height safety requirements, keeping kids safe as they played on the climbing equipment on the lawn. The quad is a now lively, engaging playground at the heart of the junior school.

5. Puni School wanted more than a tennis court or netball court. TigerTurf made it happen with Junior School turf in several clear bright colours: green for tennis, netball and hockey, with an intense blue border featuring sunny yellow pat-a-ball and warm red hopscotch. So popular was this TigerTurf playground that the children were queuing to play on it. If you have a look at the photos in the case study, you will see why!

You’ll never need a “Fields Closed” sign when you have a TigerTurf pitch.

If you have a wet, muddy playing area with poor drainage, you are not alone. New Zealand is a beautiful country, but all that lush green growth requires plenty of rain. Australian schools also have dry, dusty areas that quickly become slippery patches of mud. That need not be a problem for your school.

We’ve been solving the drainage problems of school playing fields for over 30 years now, by installing the surface on a base that keeps your play area well drained and stable. We can invigorate your school’s playground so that it is open for fun all year round.

6. The Lake School, South Morang photos prove that even a poorly drained playground can become an all-weather sports turf designed with a brilliant display of different activities, and ready for action.

7.  Similarly, Mairangi Bay School's unsatisfactory sports field is now a safe, reliable multi-sport surface. The school tells us that more children than ever are enjoying ball sports regularly.

Regenerate uninspiring or unusable areas with a dazzling new TigerTurf

8. St. Mary's School's was left with an unusable area after the relocation of a building. The staff and parents wanted to build a very special playground for the children, which would encourage them to enjoy some active playtime. After 6 months of planning, they knew what they wanted to achieve.

The best part of any TigerTurf project is the delight on the faces of the children as they rush to play on their new playground. See for yourself the difference we can make to your school.

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