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Adding Some POP to Your Tennis

By admin on August 31, 2016

Keep it fun and entertaining by adding some POP to your tennis

Pop tennis, a relatively new sport in New Zealand, is already being played on TigerTurf courts. It’s a popular social and family game that can be played at a level to suit the age and ability of players. Racquet, net height and ball speed have been adjusted to fit the smaller court size.

The court, as well as being smaller than the regular tennis court, is marked up differently to accommodate the simplified playing format; the racquets have shorter handles, the ball is slower and the net lower than in conventional tennis. The racquets used for pop tennis more closely resemble table tennis bats than they do tennis racquets.

While pop tennis does relate to tennis, the style of play also reflects the fast pace and simplified rules of volleyball. Pop tennis has evolved from tennis, which will continue to be a mainstream sport, just as T20 is a hard-hitting, fast-moving sport with some similarities to cricket, which has remained popular in its own right.

School children enjoy pop tennis

Pop tennis is a useful game for schools to include in sports planning, particularly if space is restricted. TigerTurf can install the smaller pop tennis courts in areas that may currently be unusable. Install a durable TigerTurf tennis surface over a well-designed base, and transform wasted space into the most popular area in your school, as children race to line up for their turn at pop tennis.

As pop tennis is easy for children to play, they can become competent, enthusiastic participants after only a few hours of coaching.

The rallies generally last longer than in tennis, so the children soon gain confidence and better coordination, which motivates them to play regularly – getting plenty of exercise while building social skills too.

Players have fewer skills to master, the serve being underhand and the courts smaller. Younger players will find the smaller courts less tiring too, as the racquet is easy to manage for less experienced players, and the ball doesn’t need to be hit as far nor as powerfully.

As it becomes more widespread, Pop tennis may well prove to be an excellent tournament sport played at inter-school sport days.

A tennis court at home – that’s going to be a hit!

Children who begin by playing pop tennis find it easy to transition to the conventional game. They’ll have a practised eye, with good coordination, and the muscles used in tennis will be well developed too.

If you can’t fit a full-sized TigerTurf tennis court on the lawn, consider installing the smaller pop tennis court. We install the same top quality all-weather tennis surface, in a more compact format.

Play pop tennis at lunch-time for a good work-out

Mature players who have enjoyed playing regular tennis games in their youth readily adjust to pop tennis. A great game for lunch-time exercise, these courts can easily be installed indoors as a recreational (or even team building) activity for staff.

TigerTurf can install these courts with a comfort pad installed beneath the turf to accommodate players who only know how to play hard and fast tennis! It does make the game more enjoyable for all players, offering a kinder, forgiving surface for those carrying injuries or simply coping with the wear and tear that life dishes out.

A fast, energetic form of tennis

For adults and teens pop tennis can be a faster game than tennis, demanding quick reactions to get to the ball, judge your shot and play it. With less space in which to land the ball, players also need to be very accurate in placing the ball. They also have to play a tight game strategically, as the opposite player can reach the ball more quickly on a pop tennis court.

So tear into it and have fun – pop tennis is a viable and enjoyable game for those of us who love ball games.

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