Synthetic Turf Specialist

Dandenong Bowls Club

Dandenong, Victoria

Tournaments continue unabated at Dandenong Bowls Club no matter what the weather  

“Undercover winter bowls is booming at Dandenong Bowls Club, with 309 bookings this week and all competitions next week are already fully booked. We’ve had to open a new competition on Thursdays!” Great to hear that the bowlers are loving their new TigerWeave bowling green.

The Dandenong Bowls Club members are thoroughly enjoying the excellent playing qualities of the new TigerWeave green installed by TigerTurf in December 2018.  The club members were thrilled: “All up and go – the green is done and sooo awesome,” fulsome praise from players posting on Facebook applauded the new TigerTurf surface on the first day of play. 

Visiting teams also compliment the club on the new Green: “Congratulations Dandenong club; the new green is a wonderful asset for the club and members!”

“No need to worry about the weather when rolling up undercover at Dandenong Bowls Club…great for working on your technique during the off-season,” the club posted in June.

The splendid all-weather TigerWeave green TigerTurf installed at the Dandenong Bowls Club offers superb roll, pitch, and length for play, every day and night of the year, thanks to the soaring open-sided canopy protecting the green from adverse weather conditions.

The members also praise the lighting, which gives an even level of light over the whole green during evening games, without throwing shadows.

TigerTurf digs deep to construct outstanding bowls greens for clubs

The detailed planning and preparation of a site ready for the surface is the secret of a successful green installation.

Our outline for the construction of the Dandenong Club TigerWeave green shows the degree of attention we give to preparing successful bowling green installations. 

We excavated and cleared the site before installing the new ditch walls with ditch drains, adding new ditch dropper grass on top of and down the ditch walls around the green, and new ditch grass in the bottom of the ditch. As this is a covered green, no sub-drains were required in the base.

The new crushed rock for the base was spread, then laser-leveled to create a perfectly even green surface and roll.    A layer of TigerBond securely bonded the crushed rock surface, before we screeded the playing surface with regulating sand and topped it with a tack coat of TigerBond to create a firm, stable top for the base immediately beneath the bowling surface.

We installed a new underlay, as always, to provide comfort for players and to keep the TigerWeave green at peak performance for longer, laid the TigerWeave surface, and finished off the project with those professional touches our installations are known for, presenting the club with an enviable, international-class TigerWeave green. 

Interstate games are now underway, too, providing the local enthusiasts with first-class entertainment.

Date Project Completed: December 2018

Area: 1412m2

Surface: TigerTurf TigerWeave

Base: Full build crush rock base with TigerBond

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