Synthetic Turf Specialist

Fame Pre-School

Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

The visual transformation is amazing, and the feedback from parents has been great too, so yes, we are very pleased, thank you TigerTurf.

The children at Fame Preschool think their new TigerTurf playground is “awesome” and so do their parents.

The existing grassed play areas drained poorly, becoming untidy and worn with use. In winter, the play areas became quite messy, causing extra work for the staff and discouraging outdoor play.

That has all changed now, thanks to the all-weather TigerPlay and Summer Envy surfaces, which remain clean and smooth in all conditions, as well as looking fresh, green and fabulous, with only minimal care.

“We had a huge amount of rain last night, and the drainage has worked well, with no puddles, which is fantastic!”

Beneath the climbing equipment, the TigerTurf installation team installed a 10mm rubber pad to comply with fall height regulations, and to keep small people safe. The base construction, incorporating drainage, and the new turf playing surfaces were completed in a matter of days, to the delight of staff, children and parents.

Fame Preschool encourages the children to engage in imaginative and interactive play, as well as using the playground equipment to develop social skills, coordination and agility. Now, thanks to the new playground surfaces, that is possible every day throughout the year, allowing the preschool’s programmes to take place as planned, fostering the children’s growth, ideas and creativity through play.

Date Project Completed: March 2016

Area: 180m2

Surface: TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 and Olive TigerPLay

Base: Dynamic Base with one layer 10mm rubber shock pad

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