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Introducing TigerTurf Performance Base Systems

By admin on January 8, 2017

TigerTurf artificial grass sports surfaces perform best with a stable, freely draining base to support them. TenCate EcoceptTM, TenCate AccorderTM and TenCate SineTM are three new products that have been designed to improve sub-base construction for sports turf installations.

Each product has specialised functions that combine to bring tremendous benefits to the construction of better sub-bases. TigerTurf teams can now construct performance bases for your sports surface with improved drainage and shock absorption integrated within the sub-base itself.

TigerTurf Improved drainage and sports performance: TenCate EcoceptTM

TenCate EcoceptTM, designed specifically to support synthetic grass sports surfaces, is a porous pavement that drains effectively, both vertically and horizontally,  stabilises the sub-base structure, and meets FIFA / IRB / FIH standards for impact absorption consistently across the field.

Improved drainage for artificial grass sports turfs

Engineered to drain rainwater laterally, TenCate EcoceptTM replaces trenched drainage that would otherwise be needed beneath the playing surface. Irrigating the synthetic surface becomes much cheaper, with minimal water loss, and the field will play better with consistent irrigation.

TigerTurf’s products and processes leave a minimal carbon footprint

As a bonus, the product is manufactured with 80% to 90% waste plastics and rubber. Even synthetic turf can be recycled to become part of a new turf system.


TigerTurf uses TenCate AccorderTM to cut costs for sports clubs

TenCate AccorderTM is a cellular base-stabilisation system that makes deep excavation unnecessary, doing away with the need for truckloads of aggregate.

The Accorder geotextile is manufactured from a strong, lightweight material that is 100% recyclable, very easy to transport and simple to install. This product alone saves hours of labour and material costs in the construction of sub-bases for artificial playing fields..



TigerTurf fields team with multi-functional shock pads 

TenCate SineTM is another multi-functional material with cellular structure. A new type of shock pad, TenCate SineTM promotes efficient drainage in both vertical and horizontal directions.

TigerTurf is particularly impressed that this shock pad does not move or compact, and continues to cushion impact if the infill does move. This outstanding product works positively with the biomechanics of our technical sports fields to maintain a safe, high performance surface in all conditions. Easier on players’ bodies, it also reduces the effects of heavy usage on the playing surface.


TenCate SineTM drains sports fields efficiently

The cross-linked, closed-cell structure of TenCate SineTM, along with its woven construction, engenders some very useful features in the construction of sub-base systems. The open void structure ducts fluids horizontally and vertically so effectively that it replaces the trench drainage usually installed beneath our synthetic sports fields

TigerTurf shock pads support a positive playing experience

Air and water flows readily through the shock pad’s cellular structure, lowering the temperature of the field and improving play conditions. The players will also appreciate the improved shock absorbency of this product, which spreads the impact laterally as well as vertically, maintaining stability within the surface.

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