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NZ High Performance Sport and TigerTurf create winning team

By admin on January 8, 2017

New Zealand High Performance Sport has thrown open its doors to a new purpose built Training Centre located in the adjoining Burnside Jellie Park swimming pool complex in Christchurch. The 3.5 million state of the art facility will accommodate the needs for professional athletes thus providing the ideal training facility for world championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games alike.

One of the significant features of the new indoor training court is the high performance floor, the most important element in a game.  To help enhance top performance in athletes, the floor must provide high elasticity and co-efficient of friction.  The efficient damping of impact energy reduces fatigue and injuries. 

The NZHPSC chose TigerTurf’s Infinity Combi Sports Floor, a system which accommodates the best of a high performance area-elastic wooden floor and a highly durable, multi-purpose point-elastic Polyurethane floor. 


Furthermore, the system is highly flexible in terms of choice of colours, is exceptionally durable and hardwearing.  With the PU coatings poured in-situ, a seamless, odourless surface is created – easy and cost effective to clean and maintain, easily repaired if necessary.

The floor is perfect to accommodate all sports; Rugby, futsal, football, Volleyball, basketball , netball,  badminton, tennis and the ever going sports Handball.

The new high performance hub will features a gymnasium with cardio and weights areas, an indoor athletic lanes along with the state of the art performance court, physiotherapy consulting rooms, medical consulting rooms, showers, recovery areas, an athlete’s lounge, and offices for HPSNZ staff.  The indoor training area and netball court will be available for the community when not being used by elite athletes.

HPSNZ boss Alex Baumann said it was imperative to have a top-class facility in Christchurch and he was pleased with the finished product.   "For us, it really was essential," he said. "Essential to have a high performance precinct or a hub in Canterbury because, as we all know, a lot of great athletes have come out of the area."

Baumann said the facility was mainly available to carded athletes (athletes whom are eligible for performance support from HPSNZ), but that could spread to involve more teams too.  "Obviously we want a vibrant, busy facility," he said.  "We just need to be careful not to compromise our main objective which is to give the carded athletes every chance they can to succeed."

TigerTurf and its experienced team of professionals are innovative, technically advanced with the proven science behind our brilliant designs. Moreover TigerTurf is local manufacture and has a proud association in New Zealand for well over 33 years.

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