Synthetic Turf Specialist

Taiaotea Kindergarten

Auckland, New Zealand

A rich, green TigerTurf Envy lawn is refreshingly at home in the playground at Taiaotea Kindergarten. The clear green of the lawn also sets the “safety zone” around the swing area from the general playing area.

Taiaotea Kindergarten already had one much-loved TigerTurf play area, and now the kindergarten wanted the same natural look and durable quality of surface beneath the swings. In the damp Auckland weather, the TigerTurf Envy lawn remains clean, non-slip and free-draining. It also looks good all year round with minimal maintenance.

With a 45mm TigerPad installed below the synthetic lawn surface, the area safely absorbs the impact of the occasional fall from the swings.

The kindergarten teachers also use the edge of the green lawn as a teaching tool in the swing area. The bright green of the TigerTurf Envy lawn acts as a clear visual cue to make children aware of the swing area, so that they do not run in front of the swings. The children are taught to stop at the edge of the turf and await their turn on the swings, or to walk around the edge of the green lawn, to be safe.

TigerTurf Envy closely resembles a natural dense, green lawn, soft and clean for young children to sit on and play.

The children love the feel of the turf; the adults love its natural appearance, which complements the textures of the kindergarten setting.

The synthetic durability of TigerTurf Envy is perfect for playgrounds, standing up to the rigours of daily use with aplomb. Despite the little feet constantly scuffing its surface, the lawn beneath the swings presents a tranquil, smoothly green surface throughout the seasons.

After excavating the site to remove the existing bark, the TigerTurf installation team constructed a strong, stable aggregate base that promotes free drainage.

The team then installed a 45mm TigerPad to give a safety fall height of up to 2m beneath the swing equipment. The 35mm TigerTurf Envy lawn was laid over the safety pad and the playground was ready for action!

Date Project Completed: July 2016

Area: 57m2

Surface: TigerTurf Envy 35 with 45mm TigerPad

Base: Excavate existing bark and replace with new aggregate base.

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