Synthetic Turf Specialist

Toddlers Turf Childcare Centre

Auckland, New Zealand

It’s fantastic! Awesome work!

Toddler Turf manager, Jill Oliver, was delighted by the professional work and finish of the TigerTurf project at her childcare centre.

The Toddlers Turf playground installation was an adventurous one with naturally shaped mounds to include within the play area, but TigerTurf has frequently proved our expertise in contoured landscapes, achieving outstanding results for many happy clients.

The artificial turf that was originally installed was not meeting aesthetic or safety requirements and needed to be replaced. 

Having installed TigerTurf in other areas of Toddlers Turf playgrounds and being known for our excellent workmanship and quality product, we were more than happy to step in and take over this project. TigerTurf’s response was immediate with the TigerTurf construction team on the job during the weekend, followed by the installation team, who worked all Monday to complete the project.

A free draining base of aggregate was constructed, with concrete and timber edging, to provide a stable foundation for the safety rubber mat topped by the TigerTurf Summer Envy lawn.

The children’s play equipment encourages them to climb and interact with each other. Occasional tumbles are cushioned by the new TigerTurf safety matting, which incorporates a 1.2 metre fall height.

Toddlers Turf manager, Jill Oliver, was thrilled by the result, delighted with our positive response and by the team’s great attitude. She commented: “Both the construction team and the installation team were helpful and polite. They did a fabulous job, including very neat edging around the turf.”

TigerTurf sets particularly high quality standards in terms of workmanship and durability.  We understand the requirements that need to be met surrounding safety standards within play areas and have many options available.

Date Project Completed: July 2016

Area: 90m2

Surface: TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR

Base: Construction of aggregate base, contouring to keep the natural mounds of the area and 1 layer 10mm rubber gaining a 1.2m fall height

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