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Turning a steep hill paddock into a tennis court

Auckland, New Zealand

Turning a steep hill paddock into a tennis court has given this family a large flat playing area to play tennis as well as other sports such as hockey and cricket.

Turning a rough rural paddock with a steep slope into a tennis court is all in a day’s work for TigerTurf. 

The challenges with this full build private tennis facility were many, none more so than the creation of a solid, full draining platform on which to construct the court. 

Because of the topography of the site and the property access, a temporary road was built to enable the establishment of  machinery and materials.

With the original ground sloping at approximately 60 degrees Tiger Civil needed to complete the excavation carefully.  This included:

Finally, applying a TigerBond layer over the surface to “lock” the upper layer, preventing movement.

After the completion of those works we were then able to construct the court using conventional methods finishing the court with TigerTurf’s Tournament, fencing and lighting. 

The result:  A highly usable playing surface the whole family can use for tennis, cricket, hockey and other games.

Date Project Completed: January 2013


Surface: TigerTurf Tournament

Base: Dynamic base

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