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Kapunda Bowling Club

Kapunda, South Australia

When the Kapunda Bowling Club moved sites, the members carefully considered every aspect of the new premises. They are delighted with the TigerTurf BowlsWeave green, topped with an open sided roof protecting players from all weather conditions.

The Kapunda Bowling Club chose a top quality TigerTurf BowlsWeave surface for their green after careful research. The green is extensive, at 1750m², with 10 rinks covered for all-weather play and protection from that South Australian sunshine!


As part of the thoughtful planning that went into every detail of the new club facility, the members thoroughly evaluated the different bowling surfaces available in South Australia. They bowled at several neighbouring clubs to determine the qualities that would give the best game for all levels of club play.

After bowling on the TigerTurf BowlsWeave surface at a couple of clubs, they appreciated the superior speed, trajectory and finish offered by the woven surface of the TigerTurf BowlsWeave greens.  The new green is part of the relocated Kapunda Bowls

Club development. The members have built a handsome and well-planned new clubhouse, featuring the striking local South Australian stonework, which is flooded with light from the windows that span the length of the walls and several glass doors.

Another wonderful feature is the open-sided roof that entirely covers the green, protecting players from all weather conditions: wind, rain, and of course the blazing hot sunshine of mid-summer in South Australia.

The windows and glass doors of the club rooms overlook the greens, and many benches have been thoughtfully placed along the sides of the green as a comfortable spot from which to support your team.

The installation of the TigerTurf BowlsWeave green went according to plan and was completed on schedule, in May, 2016. To celebrate their fabulous new green, the club invited Nick Xenophon, the popular SA Senator and bowls enthusiast, to open the green on 25th of September.

Date Project Completed: May 2016

Area: 17500m2 - 10 Rinks

Surface: TigerTurf BowlsWeave

Base: Full build dynamic base

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