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Maximising the use of Community Sports Facilities

By admin on March 19, 2014

There are many instances where you will find community and education sector sports facilities, significantly under-utilised.

There are many reasons this may occur:

• poorly maintained fields, the result of high maintenance costs and limited resources, affecting the appeal to use the facilities
• facilities affected by weather conditions making them unplayable or being preserved for senior level games
• popularity of sport and therefore participation levels dropping or transferring to different codes
• competing grounds upgrading and therefore attracting more players to the newer facilities
• changing community profiles and interests leading to once popular sports being substituted for different games
• evolution of games requiring the need for different types of facilities.  A good example of this is the growth of five-a-side football

It is therefore important that facility managers evaluate the use of grounds from a number of different perspectives to ensure they are offering the best use of the recreational space to communities and school children.  

An excellent example of breathing life back into an under-utilised facility is the conversion by Lindfield Sports Centre in NSW of a neglected bowling green into three futsal or 5-a-side football courts.  Hugely popular in Europe, South America and other Latin countries, the fast paced five-a-side football is becoming increasing popular around Australia.

The Lindfield Sports Centre, recognising the growing popularity of this sport, has undertaken to redevelop an un-utilised bowling green providing new opportunities for the community to get out and get active.   For more on the Lindfield conversion read their case study here

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