Synthetic Turf Specialist

Merredin Civic Bowls Club

Merredin, Western Australia

The TigerTurf RinkMaster greens at Merredin Bowls Club are playing superbly. A top performing surface that is comfortable underfoot, with a smooth, even roll, day after day, week after week.

The Merredin members took their time in selecting the new surface for their two new club greens. And when they played on the TigerTurf RinkMaster greens at the Stirling Bowling Club, in Perth, they knew that was the surface they had to have.

TigerTurf repaired the existing base, before installing the new RinkMaster surface system. Out with the old, worn greens, and in with the fresh, bright new greens – it was magical and, for those keen Merredin bowlers, the magic goes on.

No matter how long the drought, the greens stay fresh and play beautifully.

Even after heavy rain, the teams are back on the greens to get those balls rolling again. And they roll smoothly and consistently, offering the players excellent control, on a medium-paced surface. TigerTurf RinkMaster is a durable, top performing surface that is suitable for every level of play, right up to international tournaments.

Tournaments can be planned with confidence, knowing that the greens are always in play. The members get plenty of practice, giving them the competitive edge, along with hours of enjoyable bowls.

Merredin is a busy club, with keen, active members who enjoy taking part in inter-club tournaments and hosting other clubs. They are particularly proud of their two new greens, which never fail to impress visiting players. In fact, so impressed were the members of one visiting club, that they’ve decided they have to have their own TigerTurf RinkMaster greens!

Date Project Completed: April 2015

Area: Two Full Greens

Surface: TigerTurf RinkMaster

Base: Existing crushed rock base

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