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Synthetic Tennis Courts Customised for Your Game

By admin on July 4, 2016

TigerTurf Perfect for Top Performing Tennis Courts

TigerTurf, Synthetic Turf Specialists, are world leaders in the manufacture, build and installation of top performing tennis courts.   TigerTurf’s systems can create a surface to exactly meet players’ requirements whether they want a court that matches the different bounce, ball speed and performance qualities of grass, clay or hard courts.

Artificial turf courts perform at the highest level and are perfect for both beginners and professionals. Different types of turf can be used to mimic grass, clay and hard courts, with a high level of accuracy.  TigerTurf Artificial turf is designed to meet the requirements of specific sports.  This means that, with their tennis surfaces, they are engineered to significantly reduce the risk of slipping in wet weather conditions providing superior all-weather traction as well as a shock-absorbing surface reducing the risk of injury and stress to ankles, knees, hips and the lower back.

TigerTurf’s courts are manufactured in New Zealand from the highest quality synthetic yarns and tested under rigorous conditions to provide many years of trouble-free playing.  They are UV stabilised to meet the harsh Australasian conditions so will not fade in sunlight, unlike many imported surfaces.

The drainage capability of synthetic turf allows it to be used all year which means tennis players can continue to practice no matter what the weather conditions.  With a TigerTurf all-weather court there’s simply more playing days in the year and we all know that the more you play the better you get!

With a range of colours, from traditional greens and blues to terracotta to choose from, and many different surface options, Tiger Turf can customise the perfect artificial tennis option that suits your game.

Tiger Turf’s medium pile surfaces, including favourites Tournament and Tournament 1000, are long lasting, low maintenance and fit into any home and landscaped setting. Their texturised short pile surfaces, such as Advantage and Trophy are highly durable surfaces suitable for, not only tennis, but a range of other sports.  With suitable line markings for hockey, tennis, netball and basketball, your TigerTurf tennis court can be turned into a multi-sport training ground.


TigerTurf also supply and install a full range of acrylic surfacing options, from economical acrylic hard court coatings to high performance cushioned acrylic surfaces.

TigerTurf is part of a worldwide group that has been manufacturing and installing tennis courts for over 35 years and their internationally acclaimed synthetic sports surfaces have been a resounding success in thousands of installations across more than 80 countries.

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