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Traralgon Bowls Club

Traralgon, Victoria

Traralgon Bowls Club has Gippsland’s first indoor bowling green

The Traralgon Bowls Club aimed to provide the best facilities possible for its members, the local community and the wider bowls community, with its new multi-million dollar indoor bowls centre. Recently opened for play, the world-class TigerWeave green already has the players’ vote as the best surface anyone could wish to play on.

The construction project for the all-weather TigerWeave playing surface was carried out by the TigerTurf team for Traralgon Bowls Club. The superb woven green presents a velvet smooth playing surface within the new indoor bowls building, which is the showpiece of this proud club. Ready for play throughout the year and for extended hours, this fabulous bowling venue is on the way to becoming the focus of bowling interest in the Gippsland region and beyond.

TigerWeave gives consistent roll, excellent ball speed and finish

The club membership is delighted with the performance of its top quality green, specifically with the excellent speed of the bowl, and consistent roll and flawless finish of this outstanding green.

Our woven, non-filled TigerWeave green is well-known for its smooth, controlled roll, used to advantage by experienced bowlers. The TigerWeave has a pad beneath the surface for comfort underfoot and for perfect draw and speed. 

The top quality TigerWeave greens surface has been extremely popular throughout Victoria as a durable, all-weather bowling green accredited to international standards. Tournament players who have played on our top quality bowling green then pass on the good news to other clubs. No surprise that TigerWeave is the surface most often requested by clubs eager to play regularly on this international star of bowling surfaces.

Base construction and installation of a successful bowls green 

The project for the Traralgon Bowls Club TigerWeave indoor green began with lifting the existing sand-filled surface, which the club members disposed of themselves. 

The TigerTurf team then carried out the full base construction for the woven green surface over an existing concrete slab. We always install our comfort pad on top of our precisely laser-leveled base and beneath the playing surface. This partnership provides exactly the right degree of support to maintain this outstanding bowling green at the top of its game. 

TigerTurf added the finishing touches with new plinths to stabilise the TigerWeave surface and fresh synthetic grass installed in the ditch surfaces surrounding the green.

Resounding praise applauded the fabulous playing qualities of this surface after the opening of Traralgon Bowls Club new green building. It will continue to please players for over a decade of enjoyable bowls competition.

Date Project Completed: February 2019

Area: 1,350m2

Surface: TigerTurf TigerWeave

Base: Base construction over existing concrete slab

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