Synthetic Turf Specialist

Warragul Bowling Club

Warragul, Victoria

The Warragul Bowling Club members are enthusiastic in praise of their new TigerTurf BowlsWeave green surface – a world-class bowling green for the Victorian club.

The Warragul Bowls Club knew it was time the existing sand-filled turf was replaced by a better playing surface. The members were strongly in favour of installing a high performance TigerTurf BowlsWeave green.

Our BowlsWeave green surface has become very popular amongst the Victorian bowling clubs over the last few years. When tournaments are held at clubs with TigerTurf BowlsWeave greens, the visiting teams have been impressed by the standard of play, the roll and trajectory produced on the smooth woven surface.

Full Project Management from Construction to Installation

TigerTurf was engaged to manage the entire green upgrade project for the Warragul Bowling Club. Our construction team began by removing the existing sand-filled turf, before excavating the top of the pre-existing base and building a new free-draining, technical base to support the high-performance BowlsWeave green.

Correct Base Construction is Essential for optimal performance

A strong, well-constructed and free-draining base is vital to the long life and standard of play in any turf installation. TigerTurf construction teams have expertise in building the correct turf systems for each of our synthetic grass products.

How do we build the base?

Crushed rock is bought in, compacted and laser levelled to ensure the green area is completely flat.  TigerTurf then apply TigerBond to stabilise the surface of the base. This free-draining silicate material bonds and stabilises the surface below the underlay and carpet.

Installing the BowlsWeave to get the correct Green Speed

TigerTurf supplied and installed the underlay and the TigerTurf BowlsWeave surface.  The installation process involves   sewing, stretching and pegging of the BowlsWeave surface.  It is critical, at this point,  to maintain the correct tension to ensure the green plays at the correct speed. 

We thoroughly enjoyed being part of this project; the team at TigerTurf gained enormous satisfaction from the photos of the Warragul members at play on the picture-perfect TigerTurf BowlsWeave green.

Date Project Completed: February 2017

Area: 1,296m2

Surface: TigerTurf BowlsWeave from Greenguage

Base: Rectification, replacing the top 30mm

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