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Manufacturing TigerTurf artificial grass sport surfaces

TigerTurf artificial grass sport surfaces are made from the world’s best yarns, developed and manufactured by TenCate Grass. TenCate is at the leading edge of yarn development, having created some of the most advanced yarns available, including TenCate’s XQ technology and XP Blade technology.

TenCate’s yarns are engineered to meet the demanding performance standards of today's artificial grass sport surfaces and landscape turf systems. With decades of experience in developing synthetic turf components, the global research and development department of TenCate Grass is constantly improving the products.


TigerTurf artificial grass manufactured from high-quality yarns

TigerTurf uses these outstanding yarns to manufacture over 40 different surfaces for sports and leisure applications. Maintaining high quality standards is paramount at every stage of our manufacturing process, from checking the yarns for defects prior to manufacture, setting up the machines, checking the backings and tufted product, right through to the latex backing and final rollup of the turf.

During the manufacturing process, TigerTurf’s products are tested for consistency in pile face-weight, tuft bind, latex coating and pile heights so that the product is of the highest standard and meets exact specification requirements. The face weight (the weight of the yarn that is visible above the carpet backing) of the product helps to determine the durability of the turf. The heavier the face weight, the longer the playing life of the artificial grass surface.

TigerTurf’s research team seeks ever more efficient methods of manufacturing artificial grass sports surfaces, as well as looking closely at recycling old astroturf and producing 100% recyclable products in the future.

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