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Jojo’s Childcare

Auckland, New Zealand

It feels like summer all year round at Jojo’s Childcare Centre 

TigerTurf Summer Envy basks in the sunshine at Jojo’s child care centre while the children turn cartwheels on their new playground. The lawn seems brighter, more inviting, and the children love it.

The lawn at Jojo’s Childcare was damp, boggy and maintaining the grass was a losing battle - which was no fun for anyone. TigerTurf’s Summer Envy XWR was the answer to the problem, as it so often is. Summer Envy XWR is highly durable, easy to clean, and is safe and usable all year – the perfect playground for young children.  

TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR – clean, tidy and low maintenance

A major feature for the busy staff at Jojo’s is that the lawn will retain its bright, well-groomed surface with only minimal maintenance or cleaning. An occasional rake over to remove plant and food debris, and a squirt with the hose to wash away other matter is all you’ll generally need to do.

TigerTurf lawns encourage more hours of child play

The new playground will stand up to years of use by children riding bikes and trucks, towing trollies, jumping and playing vigorously – in fact, Summer Envy XWR was developed because we believe children need to do all those things and early learning centres need a surface that can handle it.

Landscape lawns are more fun with no prickles, stings or itches

The TigerTurf lawns have given the children longer outdoor play hours, in better conditions, because Summer Envy dries rapidly after rain, and remains clean all year. No clover, so no bees or wasps to cause tears, no allergies causing itchy eyes, and no prickles to spoil bare foot play or rolling on the grass.

Summer Envy – dry, soft, and perfect for handstands

The children love their fresh green lawn, spending as much time out there as they can.  In fact they were doing handstands and cartwheels as soon as the turf was ready for play, delighting the TigerTurf project manager on her return to see how they were enjoying their new play lawn. 
TigerTurf Summer Envy is very attractive turf, with a sunny bronze tinge woven into the fabric of the dense surface, which will still be looking fantastic when these children are finishing high school.

Date Project Completed: November 2017

Area: 214m2

Surface: TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR

Base: 100mm aggregate base

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