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6 major benefits Otago Hockey gains from their new Lumosa LED Lights

The TigerTurf Lumosa LED lighting system brings hockey pitch lighting into the 21st century. The brilliant white light creates safer conditions for hockey players on even the darkest winter’s night.

The Otago Hockey players were already enthusiastic about the bright white light cast by TigerTurf’s Lumosa Lights to illuminate the number 2 pitch – and we were only half way through the installation of the LED lighting system.

The safety of the players is always our priority and there’s certainly no doubt that the Lumosa Lights have created much safer playing conditions for these fast moving Otago Hockey players.
As well as the benefit of the bright white LED lights, installing the Lumosa lighting system also provides hockey clubs with a more efficient pitch management system and significant cost savings in power.

Let’s talk about what Lumosa LEDs achieved for Otago Hockey

1. On full mode, the LEDs put out an impressive average LUX level of 500 lux. The Otago Hockey Association has found the lights only need to operate at around 300 lux in training mode, saving considerably on the club’s electrical bill.
2. The whiter, brighter light of the LED light systems on the #2 pitch can be directly compared with the less intense, diffuse, yellowish lighting of the metal halides on the #1 turf. The lighting performance of the LEDs gives a clearer picture of the action on the pitch for the teams and their supporters.
3. The existing poles from the old metal halides lighting system were able to be used as the Lumosa LED luminaires carry a lower wind rating than the older lights.
4. The economical Lumosa bulbs last a great deal longer than the traditional bulbs do, and are much less trouble to maintain with fewer light bulbs to replace.
5. the Lumosa LED lights offer a clear advantage over the traditional sports field light systems by creating a more intense light without flooding the surrounding residents in the area with light they’d rather not have.
6. The convenient Lumosa Touch app allows for efficient, easy lighting operation. Managers can operate the lights from the comfort of their homes, from work, in fact, from anywhere. And the scheduler function enables managers and coaches to set times for the lights to,come on and off, resulting in more efficient use of coaches time as well as in the time the lights are operating. The club has already noticed savings in its recent power bill.

Date Project Completed: April 2018




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