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Fresh Energy for Phoenix CrossFit 8 Gym

Auckland, New Zealand

TigerTurf Trophy brings a shot of fresh green energy to the new Phoenix CrossFit 8 gym, an innovative strength and conditioning centre for athletes from beginners to professionals.

The Phoenix CrossFit Story
Phoenix CrossFit 8 is ready for action – the tougher the workout, the more their new non-slip TigerTurf surface will be appreciated. Bringing A class tailored programming to their members means creating areas for all types of training and in amongst their large rubber floor space lies the brand new TigerTurf surface. TigerTurf Trophy is non-abrasive, so any falls during resistance training will not result in turf burns. Throw yourself into your work with all your strength and the turf surface will give you the traction you need to reach your goals.

The Trophy synthetic surface has proved to be durable in similar situations for many years now, earning its place as one of our most popular sports surfaces.

Phoenix CrossFit is defined by its warm, inviting personality

The cheerful brightness and warmth of texture generated by TigerTurf Trophy invites gym members into their happy place; the turf surface reduces the noise from equipment and allows the athletes to achieve personal bests.

The members also appreciate the rubber matting beneath the turf surface that absorbs stress during high impact conditioning and gives extra traction during resistance training, pushing and pulling sleds.

The sled and sprint training area has two lanes highlighted by yellow lines set smoothly into the green surface without any change in level or texture that could cause tripping or slipping.

Synthetic turf surfaces are easy to keep clean and fresh 

Cleaning TigerTurf surfaces is a breeze; brushing off debris with a stiff broom is usually sufficient, with a squirt of our recommended cleaner if needed. The turf surface doesn’t retain odours, so the gym is easily kept hygienic and fresh with minimal effort.

TigerTurf products comply with NZ Fire Safety Standards

TigerTurf Trophy is fire-rated for indoor use. Our turfs have been subjected to the relevant tests to be sure they are safe for gym and other indoor situations, and they all comply with Fire Safety Standards. Talk to us to learn about the correct certification for your intended use of our turfs, as different applications have different requirements under fire safety regulations.

Personalised design and branding using TigerTurf synthetic turf

The members of the Phoenix CrossFit gym have embraced the colours and look of TigerTurf, and the improved performance they enjoy during workouts and classes.

If you are keen to discover the many benefits TigerTurf can bring to your gym, talk to our project manager. Together, we can create a design for your gym that reflects your individual brand and special character, just as we did for Phoenix CrossFit 8. Bright, positive colours transform concrete and dull areas into lively, energising spaces your members will enjoy.

Date Project Completed: September 2017

Area: 120m2

Surface: TigerTurf Trophy over 10mm Rubber Shockpad

Base: Existing concrete base

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