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Synthetic Turf Specialist

Ponsonby Intermediate

Auckland, New Zealand

A simple overlay of synthetic turf outside Ponsonby Intermediate’s classrooms positively transforms student’s play and recreation

TigerTurf created a bright, busy courtyard for Ponsonby Intermediate students, changing the school courtyards from dull to brilliant, from high maintenance to easy-care. Naturally, the school and students are delighted.

Ponsonby Intermediate School had that perennial schoolyard problem of an old dull, worn, cracked concrete playground which had no redeeming features. TigerTurf brought ife and vibrancy back to the heart of the school with clean, attractive synthetic turf, adding colour and texture to the school’s central quadrant.

TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR for long-lasting value

We used our durable TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR landscape lawn to form a clean, fresh outside area for lunch and reading, which is also ideal for group discussions.

Dry, without dust and dirt, and soft enough to sit on, this is a popular spot for students already. And what a fascinating sculpture gallery!

TigerTurf Trophy puts the perfect “courts” into courtyards

TigerTurf used the bright primary colours of TigerTurf Trophy here to create simple but brilliant games that engage the students, stimulating imaginations and activity. Four-square courts in clear primary colours, engage students in active play. The deep blue court can be used for a variety of PE games and activities in combination with mobile nets and hoops depending on the curriculum.

Date Project Completed: May 2018

Area: 728m2

Surface: TigerTurf Trophy and Summer Envy XWR

Base: Existing concrete base

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