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What is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a collection of synthetic, or polymer-based fibers (often referred to as yarn), made to replicate the look and performance of natural grass. It is generally used in areas where natural grass would struggle to grow, at sports facilities where there is a need for a durable, all-weather surface, or gardens where a low maintenance solution is needed

The material which end-users have the most interaction with is the yarn – the man-made fibers that form the equivalent of blades of grass. Here, four different types of yarn are generally used – fibrillated, monofilament, texturized and profiled – to offer different aesthetics, not to mention a range of performance characteristics. At TigerTurf, we have an international research and development department tasked with making use of the most advanced yarns available.

It is important to remember that behind each type of yarn construction is a material that boasts its own list of performance benefits. The polyethylene used to manufacture fibrillated and monofilament yarns brings about a soft and supple, non-abrasive surface with a waxy texture, whist polypropylene tends to be rougher, drier, and more brittle.

Historically, artificial turf has mainly been used for sports pitches, although the number of homeowners turning to artificial turf as an easy-to-maintain surface for their garden continues to grow.

In the sporting world, artificial turf is most commonly used for football, rugby, and hockey pitches, and is being increasingly used for all-weather tennis courts too. While the way the surface plays will always be a priority for those playing sport, its durability will often carry the greatest appeal for sports clubs – particularly those playing fixtures outdoors over the winter months.

Most artificial turf systems contain sand, which is used to keep the surface stable without adding too much additional cost for the investor. The sand is used to weigh the surface down to ensure it remains stable throughout its lifespan. With a number of the more modern 3G pitches however, a rubber crumb, or natural infill tends to be added to the system to enhance ball/surface and player/surface interaction – particularly when it comes to Football and contact sports pitches.

Modern artificial turf made for gardens feature varied tones of greens and browns to give the appearance of a natural looking lawn all year round. As well as being extremely durable, these artificial lawns need no watering, unlike their natural equivalents.

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