The Avenue Lawn Tennis, Squash and Fitness Club
The Avenue Lawn Tennis, Squash and Fitness Club

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The Avenue Lawn Tennis, Squash and Fitness Club



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Preventing Injury

Preventing Injury

When players at The Avenue Lawn Tennis, Squash, and Fitness Club in Havant, Hampshire had begun to express concerns that playing tennis on a hard tarmac surface was heightening their risk of injury, the club began to consider its options.

The Avenue Lawn Tennis, Squash, and Fitness Club

Providing Members The Peace Of Mind

Three tarmac tennis courts had been in use at the club for over 15 years, and were expected to have just one more year’s usage before needing to be dug up and relaid. Thankfully for the club, the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) requirement for clubs to set aside a sinking fund meant sufficient resource was available to replace the existing hard surface with a more suitable and costeffective alternative.

A project team made up of 12 amateur, mid-level, and advanced players visited three similar local clubs to assess possible replacement surfaces for their existing tarmac area and a further four artificial grass courts. Soon enough, they had voted for the club to invest in four brand new synthetic clay courts as well as three artificial grass tennis courts.

The club employed, wellrenowned tennis court construction specialists, Chiltern Sports Contractors to install TigerTurf’s Advantage Pro artificial grass over the outdated, underused tarmac courts. Boasting consistent, high performance and durability even during periods of heavy usage, the Advantage Pro surface proved to be the perfect match for players of all ages and abilities and immediately enhanced the aesthetics of the club’s facilities.

Crucially for The Avenue’s management, the new courts have increased overall usage considerably. This, alongside a 5% increase in membership numbers, means the payback period of the new tennis courts is expected to be just two years.

Mike Colbourne, Tennis Secretary at The Avenue, commented: “The Avenue now has some of the best tennis facilities in the county and is now in the unique position of being able to offer a choice of three different state-of-the-art surfaces.”