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Four sizing considerations for your hockey pitch installation

By admin on March 26, 2018

If you’re a school or club eager to invest in a new hockey pitch, chances are you’ve already started thinking about the type of surface you’d like to install. You might even have trialled different surfaces at other local facilities in your bid to find the best one for you. But seeking clarity on the required hockey pitch dimensions is as important a part of the planning process as any.

Here are four considerations you should make at the start of a project to ensure your new hockey pitch is as accessible, versatile, and appealing to play on as possible.

        1. The size of your pitch

According to the FIH Hockey Field Specifications document, the field of play should be 91.4m long, by 55m wide. The field’s usage will then determine minimum inner, and outer run-offs.

                               Competition field                 Warm-up field                  Training field

                                Length    Width                   Length    Width                 Length    Width

Field of play             91.40m   55.00m               91.40m    55.00m              91.40m    55.00m

Minimum inner         2.0m       1.0m                    2.0m        1.0m                 2.0m        1.0m

Minimum outer         1.0m       1.0m                    1.0m        1.0m                1.0m        1.0m

Operational              1.0m        1.0m                    1.0m         1.0m 
margin                                                                      (preferable)

Minimum total          101.4m  61.0m                    101.4m       61.0m            97.4m      59.0m

       2. What is a run-off?

A run-off is an area of the hockey pitch outside of the outermost line markings, but still forming part of the total playing area, and is there to ensure maximum player safety. While the inner portion of the run-off should be surfaced with the same quality of turf (other than colour) as the field of play, the outer run-off will ideally be fully or partly surfaced with hockey turf.

The only exceptions to these rules are pitches accredited as ‘Global Elite’ by the FIH. For those pitches accredited to the highest standard, the FIH is setting a new criteria whereby both the pitch and its run-offs have to be blue.

        3. The operational margin

An operational margin is an area beyond the run-offs. The margin may be surfaced with hockey turf or an alternative surface such as concrete or asphalt, for example, and must also feature a smooth transition from the run-off to avoid creating a potential trip hazard.

       4. Your hockey pitch markings

The line markings on your hockey pitch should be 75mm wide, white in colour and either in-laid or tufted into the playing surface. At TigerTurf, we make every effort to ensure that the vast majority of the hockey pitches we manufacture are made with the markings tufted-in. This ensures no additional work is required to in-lay markings once on site.

If you’re interested in finding out more about hockey pitch installations, why not contact us to speak to an expert?

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