Garden inspiration part 2!

TigerTurf Finesse Deluxe for playground


Throughout lockdown, many fitness routines are being forged with people engaging with at home workouts or by taking advantage of their once a day outdoor exercise. You can ensure you continue with your newfound fitness regime by bringing the gym to you. As we mentioned earlier, using a sports surface can be a great idea if you’re looking to set up specific practice areas for hockey, football and golf. Our Evo Pro product also makes a great sled track if you want to go for the full gym experience! Our traditional landscape grass can also provide a versatile, stylish work out surface, just make sure you move your weights once you’ve finished so you don’t get flat areas! Fitness gurus like @bradleysimmonds regularly host and record workouts in their gardens for viewers to try at home!

The fun stuff

When it comes to keeping kids occupied and out of trouble, having a usable outdoor space can be a lifesaver. As we mentioned earlier, artificial grass can offer a clean and safe space for kids to run, dance and get active in the garden. We’ve listed a few of our other favourite outdoor activities perfect for keeping your little ones inspired and active at any time.

  • Seen as your artificial grass won’t conjure up any kind of muddy mess, why not let the kids indulge with a bit of messy play with a Mud Kitchen. As stylish as any conventional kitchen, a mud kitchen allows the kids to unleash some creativity whilst experimenting with recipes and potions in their very own kitchen!
  • This fantastic easel also from Mud Kitchen is great for kids creativity and learning. Use marker pens, paint and chalk pens and simply wipe clean afterwards!
  • Tuff trays are perfect for kids of all ages for numerous activities. Messy paint and water play or just a solid, good height table for them to do whatever they please and keep them away from the dining table! Inexpensive and durable, a tuff tray is a perfect addition to any outdoor or indoor space.
  • Trampolines can take up a lot of room and although they’re great fun for the kids, if you’re short on space they can be unsightly and inconvenient. A great space saving idea would be to sink your trampoline into the ground. Surround it with artificial grass a you have a safer alternative to having a huge trampoline taking up precious garden space!

We hope this run-down gives you lots of inspiration for you to create an outdoor space that you and your family love for lockdown and beyond!