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Getting the most from your MUGA

By admin on November 22, 2017

A multi use games area (or MUGA, for short) is a versatile area which is suitable for multiple sports and activities. Despite their usually small size, these facilities are a vital source of fun and exercise for young people all across the country – which makes getting the most out of them incredibly important. Here are the things you need to bear in mind.


The first question most people ask is how much a MUGA is likely to cost. It’s no surprise – any investment in new or upgraded facilities will be a significant commitment – but it can be a difficult question to answer.

There are plenty of different factors to consider besides the surface itself, from initial groundwork and drainage, through to finishing touches such as fencing and floodlights. Of course, these requirements can vary from site to site, but we usually estimate that it will cost in the region of £75/m² to build a MUGA from a Greenfield site. This can be reduced if an existing hard standing area is converted by installing an artificial grass system.


As the name suggests, multi use games areas are suitable for a variety of activities. Ball sports are the most common, as these facilities lend themselves really well to small-sided games of football, basketball, tennis and netball. However, because MUGAs are designed to be versatile, they may not be the best option for communities or schools which are looking to use them for any one sport in particular. For those with more specific needs, a single-sport surface is probably the safest bet.


MUGAs are most often found in schools and community centres, so the first consideration should be making sure the area is in public use with adequate access.  Next, check the area is not too dark or poorly lit by the sun, which will limit the need for flood-lighting and allow the area to be used for longer. The final thing to consider is noise. Sports and play facilities can generate a bit of a racket, so we’d usually recommend that they’re located away from housing areas to avoid making residents cross. This is particularly important for schools, where noise can occur before, after and during the school day.


It’s understandable that anyone making such a significant investment will want to get the most out it. This is especially true of MUGAs, which are usually installed on a budget by schools and local communities.

While single-sport surfaces offer more opportunities for hiring out a surface, the benefits to a multi-sport facility go beyond the financial. This might mean a healthier and more active community, a cleaner and tidier school, and even fewer instances of anti-social behaviour.

The main point is that, as long as they look after and maintain their pitch correctly, those investing in a MUGA will have access to a first-class, all-weather pitch for 10-15 years.

Mark Waite, Sales & Account Manager at TigerTurf UK

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