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Home or away? Buying advice for domestic sports pitches

By admin on October 31, 2017

As 3G pitches grow in popularity at stadia, training facilities, schools, and sports centres around the country, interest in artificial grass has never been greater. With that interest comes a new generation of homeowner, as eager to hone their sporting prowess at home as they are elsewhere.

So if you’re someone who is eager to have your own pitch or court installed at home, here are a few things you may wish to consider:

  1. Which sport(s) do I want to use it for?

Gone are the days when the same type of artificial grass (or AstroTurf, as it was often known) was specified and installed for all manner of different sports. Today’s surfaces are generally manufactured with a specific activity in mind, which is why you’re likely to see a longer pile height (the length of the grass) for a 3G football pitch than an artificial grass tennis court, for example.

Deciding which sport (or sports, if you’re particularly active!) you want to use your own facility for from the outset, will allow your chosen installer to recommend a product that will perform well and stand the test of time. Playing football on a surface designed for tennis, for example, is not only likely to make the bounce and roll of the ball very different to what you might expect, but will also wear the pitch out much quicker than playing tennis would.

With that said, there are a number of homeowners who opt to install Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on the basis that the surface has been designed for everything from football and tennis, to rugby, and athletics.

  1. Will I be able to maintain it properly?

The common misconception relating to artificial grass is that once it’s been installed, it’s all play and no work. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Artificial grass – whether used for sport or landscape – is low maintenance, not no maintenance, which means you really do need to give some thought to how willing you are to carry out some very basic TLC every so often.

The reality is that artificial grass is nowhere near as needy from a maintenance point of view as natural grass is. The main tasks you will need to carry out are:

You’re also strongly advised to call in an artificial grass specialist once a year to top-up and redistribute the infill, as well as lift the pile with a mechanical brush, as this will really extend the life of your grass. You can read more about maintaining your artificial lawn here.

  1. Will my pets like it?

While your dog or cat may not be kicking a ball or swinging a racket all that often, if you’ve got a furry friend in the family, there’s every chance you’ll be as concerned about how they’ll take to your new grass as you will. You needn’t worry though, as most pets love artificial turf.

There are generally only two things to consider when your pet does decide to take a stroll on your artificial grass. The first is that both dogs and cats like to follow the same paths in and around the garden, so you’ll need to focus on extra brushing in those areas to ensure the turf doesn’t get flattened. The second consideration to make is that when nature calls for your pet, you’ll need to remove any matter and rinse the surface. If a bit of extra help is needed, a pet-friendly cleaner is a good option.

  1. How long will it last for?

There is no hard and fast answer as to how long your pitch will last, but you can certainly give yourself the best chance of having a pitch or court that stands the test of time by being realistic about how often it will be used, what it will be used for, and how frequently you’ll be willing to maintain it.

As long as the most appropriate surface is selected for your needs and is then looked after properly, you can expect it to last for many years – during which you can enjoy countless rallies, goals, or keep-uppies!

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