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How to find funding for your new artificial grass tennis court

By admin on February 21, 2018

The popularity of artificial grass tennis courts might be on the rise, but that’s not to say investing in a brand new tennis court is a decision to be taken lightly. Your club might be eager to replace the surface on an existing court, or even build new facilities, but having the finance to do so is another matter entirely.

Thankfully, a combination of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and private grant providers may just be able to give you access to the funds you need to make that dream facility a reality.

Here is a breakdown of the funding considerations to make as part of your project planning:

The LTA: Transforming British Tennis Together

Transforming British Tennis Together is the LTA’s biggest ever investment programme, geared towards getting more people playing tennis in their local communities. Its two goals are to double the number children playing tennis and double the number of times infrequent adults play tennis – which of course makes quality tennis facilities all the more important.

With £125m of funding available for the improvement of tennis facilities over the next 10 years, you can apply for a share to be allocated to your club. Simply visit the programme’s webpage, read the funding guidelines, and fill in the expression of interest form. From there, an LTA representative will be in touch to progress your application.

Private grant providers

From national charities such as Comic Relief and its Sport for Change scheme, to regional funds and trusts, there are a number of generous organisations out there which are committed to investing in sport and social engagement initiatives. With tennis facilities certainly playing their part in keeping the nation active, there is a good chance proposed improvements to your club will be eligible for many of these grants.

To find out which grants are available in your area, visit the LTA’s Available Funding Databases.

Don’t forget your sinking fund

Finding the cash to pay for a new artificial grass tennis court, or even a new clubhouse, is tricky enough, but it’s just as important to have funds set aside to ensure your facilities stay in prime condition. That’s where the concept of a sinking fund comes in.

Your sinking fund is the financial savings that your club sets aside over a number of years to maintain your facilities to a high standard. The reality is, playing surfaces, and floodlights do have a finite lifespan, and it’s not easy to find the funds to repair or replace them at a moment’s notice, so it’s important to have funds set aside to replace them when that time comes.

By using the LTA’s sinking fund calculator, you can find out just how much it is advisable to set aside each year, to ensure you’re not left short just when your club needs that bit of TLC the most. Grant funding might be more accessible than ever, but having a sinking fund in place will ensure you’re not too reliant on other organisations for the funding you need to maintain your facilities to a high standard.

For more advice, why not download our definitive guide to tennis courts installations?

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