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The Top 3 Benefits of a 3G Football Pitch

By admin on September 6, 2018

In the world of football, 3G pitches are more popular than ever before, with 901 registered in England at the start of 2017/18, according to the FA’s 3G Football Turf Register. But what are the benefits of having one installed?

1.         Come rain or shine

One of the most attractive benefits of a 3G pitch is that it will be far more durable than a natural grass surface, with no risk of heavily worn areas and faded pitch markings or masses of mud harming the quality of play. While very extreme weather can cause problems, with well-planned drainage and a suitable maintenance routine, a 3G pitch will stay playable under most conditions.

2.         Return on investment

As a 3G football pitch is more hard-wearing than its natural equivalent, this creates much more usage potential for any club with one installed. More usage means more potential for the pitch to be hired out to other organisations, and community clubs, as well as the option of having all age groups from under-8’s through to the first team, use the same pitch.

3.         Train as you mean to play

Consistency is key. With 3G pitches cropping up at a staggering rate, more players will be honing their skills on artificial grass than ever before. Therefore, by having a 3G pitch installed, coaches will be giving developing players the opportunity to master all areas of their game on a surface they are likely to come across time and time again in the future.

In addition, natural grass can become uneven and bumpy over time, which creates unfavourable playing conditions. However, thanks to its resistant composition, an artificial equivalent remains smooth, providing true bounce and consistent play.

These are just a selection of the benefits of 3G pitches. If you’re looking to learn more, Grass appeal: A guide to choosing the best 3G football pitch is our new guide, published to help you introduce a top-quality 3G football pitch at your club or school. Download a copy, or contact us for more information on how we can help.

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