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Three advantages of working with a FIH preferred supplier

By admin on March 14, 2018

The International Hockey Federation is the governing body of field hockey and indoor field hockey – but what does it take to become a FIH preferred supplier, like TigerTurf, and what benefits does it bring to customers who use these suppliers for their hockey pitch installations?

  1. Proven quality assurance

First thing’s first, there is a strict criteria that must be met in order to become a FIH preferred supplier. This not only ensures products meet the highest global industry standards for the safety and durability of pitches, but also that suppliers are able to demonstrate appropriate in-house technical expertise. For customers, this means they can rest assured that products are tried and tested and that their suppliers are leaders in their field.

  1. One-stop shop

In addition, in order to become a FIH Preferred Supplier, the company has to both manufacture hockey field products and also have the capabilities to construct and install a hockey pitch too. This means the suppliers must meet the criteria for both FIH Certified Manufacturers and Field Builders. The obvious benefit of this is that the company can assist customers with all aspects of the project, from supplying the products to designing the pitch – including the drainage system, sub base, and base surface, as well as ancillary features such as fencing and entrances.

  1. Commitment to the sport

By choosing a FIH Preferred Supplier, customers also know they are not only working with a company that demonstrates industry best practice, but also one that is committed to developing the sport of hockey. As part of the criteria companies must build an average of ten hockey pitches per year. This means they are even more likely to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology and are in the industry know. For sports clubs, this is a great selling point as the manufacturers are often well-known names that can raise the prestige of facilities.

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