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Year-round play: the changing market for artificial grass tennis courts

By admin on December 20, 2017

The wind, rain, and snow of a typical great British winter may not be synonymous with prime tennis conditions, but does the market for artificial grass tennis courts suggest the sport has become much less seasonal over the years? Andy Burrell, Managing Director at Chiltern Sports Contractors, offers his thoughts:

How is the market for artificial grass tennis courts at the moment?

“The market for artificial grass in tennis has been at a fairly consistent level over the last 2-3 years – both in terms of volume and seasonality. Whereas years gone by may have seen the installation of new tennis courts take place almost exclusively in the spring and summer months, the days of that kind of seasonality have well and truly gone. We actually have three tennis projects completing in December, which in itself goes to show how constant the demand for new facilities is.

Is artificial grass growing in popularity for tennis?

“I wouldn’t say artificial grass is growing in popularity, but it has certainly established itself as an option considered by most of our clients now for both new build and resurfacing work.

“Where we are seeing growth is in the popularity of artificial clay tennis courts. As awareness of artificial clay has grown, so too has the number of installations. We don’t have too many natural clay courts here in the UK, so it’s easy to see the appeal of an artificial equivalent in terms of offering players a different surface to play on. One of the principal benefits from a user perspective is the comfort provided to players, and we’re finding this to be a big selling point for clubs with active seniors sections in particular.

What are people looking for from their new artificial grass tennis court?

“The aesthetics of an artificial court are usually high on the agenda and can be achieved really easily with a two-tone court design. In practical terms though, the main consideration will usually be player comfort and versatility. Courts with an ITF court pace rating of 4 (medium-fast) suits many club players, so tend to be a popular choice.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to invest in a new artificial grass tennis court?

“The good thing about tennis courts is that it’s clear which sport the end-user wants to play right from the word go. The decision of artificial grass or artificial clay really just comes down to the preference of the player(s) or club.

“For schools, however, that desire isn’t always as clear, so we encourage them to carefully consider the sports they want to play on their surface, and the level they want to play those sports too. By factoring both of those into the purchasing decision, they really can achieve maximum usage from the surface they choose to have installed.

“Regardless of whether the new surface is planned for a club or school, we encourage users to test out the different surfaces under consideration before making a decision. It’s only by playing on a court that it becomes clear just how much of an asset a given surface is likely to be, so this should be considered a vital part of the buying process.”

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