Synthetic Grass Is The Best Choice For Your Furry Friend!

Forget grooming your lawn! Save this upkeep for your four-legged friends. Synthetic grass provides a free ticket for pet owners to avoid typical lawn damage from pets. Synthetic grass requires little-to-no maintenance and is far more appealing to the typical homeowner. No more mowing, dark brown/dead spots on your lawn that scream for water!

According to the ASPCA, it’s important for pets to have a safe and fun space to exercise in order to help reduce common behavioral problems, increase confidence and maintain a healthy weight. Pets from all shapes and sizes can happily roam free on a nicely leveled green canvas. Their bodies and paws are cushioned for any activities, whether its hours of playtime or restful relaxation. Pet turf can withstand the roughest play and ensures durability, according to Synthetic Grass Warehouse. Why limit your pets from playing or going potty on your lawn just because you’re scared of them damaging it? Don’t be silly. With synthetic grass, your furry friend can do their business and your lawn is easily cleaned by a simple wash down with a hose.

It’s guaranteed your pet will feel comfortable and safe when kicking back or playing in your yard. Non-toxic, lead-free and weather tempered synthetic grass creates a safe environment for your four-legged creature.  No more muddy paws and no more messy lawn! TigerTurf’s pet system is guaranteed to be a long-lasting landscape alternative for your pet.