What Makes TigerTurf The Best?

The evolution of artificial grass has greatly expanded over decades of trial and error. From first generation artificial turf to the synthetic grass that’s in your backyard today, TigerTurf has grown through improvements and innovative design within the synthetic grass industry. TigerTurf has created synthetic grass that creates appeal, comfort, practicality, and effectiveness for any home, sports field, or business! By incorporating visual allure with top-notch quality, TigerTurf guarantees an impeccable looking lawn with a warranty lasting up to 15 years!

TigerTurf is the leading worldwide manufacturer of synthetic grass surfaces for residential, commercial, pet and athletic landscapes. By creating an aesthetically pleasing turf, TigerTurf allows you to take pride in your lawn! Partnered with Tencate, the world’s leading yarn manufacturer, we will supply you with the highest quality synthetic grass products in the nation. We are committed to making your lives easier by providing a low maintenance alternative to natural grass!

From home landscapes to sports fields, TigerTurf offers a pristine and reliable surface that any homeowner, dog, or athlete will enjoy! The value behind our products provides low maintenance and requires little-to-no watering. Mowing will become a thing of the past! Every one of our TigerTurf products will allow you to have the amazing lawn you’ve always wished for!