Putting Greens: The Fun Alternative Landscape

TigerTurf offers American-made, high quality and professional grade putting greens that are customizable to any landscape area! With advanced yarn technology, these putting green products will prove that synthetic is just as good as a natural putting green!

Nylon Putt: TigerTurf Nylon Putt is a .50 inch pile height with a textured nylon face yarn designed for any putting green application. Featured in a dark verde green color, Nylon Putt provides you with a natural looking putting green that will complement any surrounding landscape! This putting green is durable with a 38-ounce face weight. Nylon Putt is composed of a K29 dual-layered non-expansive backing which allows water to filter through your putting green. Nylon Putt is U.V stabilized, so your putting green will stay verde and never fade! Designed to replicate a putting green in both color and stimpmeter speed, Nylon Putt is also non-toxic and children and pet-friendly! Grooming and maintenance is as easy as a simple rinse. Backed by our 15-year warranty, TigerTurf guarantees that your putting green will last for years to come!

Nylon Putt 2-Tone: TigerTurf Nylon Putt 2-Tone is a durable 38-ounce face weight with a 0.50-inch pile height that features field green and lime green color tones. Composed of textured nylon, Nylon Putt 2-Tone is the perfect putting green product for any landscape application! Nylon Putt 2-Tone is non-toxic and composed of a K29 dual-layered non-expansive backing which directly drains any water. Built-in U.V. inhibitors will prevent your putting green from fading and losing its bright green color! Making the switch to Nylon Putt 2-Tone will save you time, money, and water! Backed by TigerTurf’s 15-year warranty, we guarantee that your putting green will last for years to come!

True Putt: TigerTurf True Putt is a high quality putting green that features high green speeds that allow your golf ball to react at PGA level. True Putt is featured in a field green 38-ounce face weight that makes it ideal for any backyard putting green, public or private courses! The slit film yarns allow for your golf ball to roll true. True Putt’s grass blade contain U.V. inhibitors which prevent your putting green’s vibrant color from fading! True Putt is composed of a K29 dual-layered non-expansive backing which allows water to filter through your putting green. Installing True Putt will fulfill your putting green dreams! Backed by TigerTurf’s 15-year warranty, we guarantee that your putting green will last for years to come!

Common uses for each putting green product include:

  1. Lawn Replacement
  2. Driving Ranges
  3. Putting Greens
  4. Mini-golf courses
  5. Patios, rooftops, balconies
  6. Trade shows

Fall Into the Swing of Things

Fall has finally arrived and it’s time to consider the characteristics that make fall such a unique season. Leaves change into beautiful bright colors, but they also end up crowding our synthetic grass lawns after they fall from the trees. Luckily, synthetic grass is simple and easy to maintain! With busy schedules and transitioning weather, synthetic grass lawns will require little to no work. A little maintenance goes a long way for your synthetic grass lawn.

With artificial turf, you never have to worry about leaves, weather, spills, or heavy foot traffic ruining your lawn. Simple small fixes will keep your synthetic grass lawn looking spic and span! Leaves are everywhere once fall rolls around and if you’re one that likes a cleaned and groomed looking lawn, using a rake or leaf blower will do just the trick. Forget the rake with your synthetic grass!

As the seasons change, the wind will blow particles like dust, pollen, and dirt onto your lawn. Gently spray your synthetic grass lawn with water to easily wash away any debris that has settled. A quick rinse once a week should do the trick to leave your lawn looking nice and clean!

If you are a pet owner, messes are nothing out of the ordinary. Cleaning up after your furry friend is just as easy on a synthetic grass lawn.  Your typical cleaning regime will work just fine on your TigerTurf lawn. After clean up, hose down the designated area with some water and you’re good to go! TigerTurf also offers Zeolite Max and Turf Fresh to help with any future odors caused by your pets!

TigerTurf provides a low maintenance, high quality and natural looking turf for all landscape areas!

TigerTurf Defies All Outdoor Factors

Synthetic grass evolution, technological advancement and freedom to outperform any natural grass application makes TigerTurf the best alternative to any natural grass landscape. TigerTurf provides a cost-effective and durable landscape that qualifies for a top-notch lawn! TigerTurf’s synthetic grass ultraviolet resistant grass blades, sturdy blade shapes, and TigerCool technology allow it to withstand any climate, rough play or foot traffic.

UV- resistant Polyethylene blades assure that any amount of heat or sunshine won’t fade your synthetic grass lawn. No need to worry about a dull looking lawn, its color will remain vibrantly green!  Not only is TigerTurf’s synthetic grass heat and frost resistant, but it is also non-flammable and repels insect’s chemical attacks!

Different grass blade shapes provide amazing durability! Each blade shape establishes a sturdy and reliable surface that will last for years to come! No more matting or brown spots on your lawn! TigerTurf assures its products provide you with a long lasting lawn that will endure any level of external factors. All TigerTurf products are the ideal pick for a sustainable and magnificent lawn!

There is nothing better than a beautiful pristine plush lawn that looks pristine even after the most torrential rain, extreme drought or snow storm! With a synthetic grass lawn, all the possibilities are endless! Enhancing your backyard or front yard creates the opportunity to achieve a low maintenance, long-lasting and high-quality synthetic grass lawn!

Playscapes- A Safe Landscape Alternative for Kids!

Imagine your little ones running around in your backyard and one of them falls and hurts themselves due to an uneven patch, ouch! It is important to be aware your kids require a friendly and safe play area for their outdoor activities. Synthetic grass supplies a wonderful landscape that the whole family can enjoy! Children of all ages will feel free to run around, play games and relax on our playground system.  TigerTurf ensures play time will be exciting and fun by guaranteeing a clean and durable landscape alternative for playground surfaces.

TigerTurf’s playground system safety is accompanied by Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Underpad which is installed directly under the turf to ensure additional shock absorbency! Available in 1” and 2” cushions and made out of recycled material, the underpad helps assure children’s well-being.

Our TigerTurf Play is the ideal surface for any outdoor activity that is constructed to withstand the toughest and roughest play! TigerPlay’s design creates a soft, natural looking, non-abrasive surface for a safe and dependable playground. In addition to its safety features, TigerPlay rids the fear of an unappealing asphalt or concrete playground area. Created to have a lush green look along with its resilience makes our playground system the best-suited landscape for any play area!