How to Create a Water Saving Landscape

There are many benefits to synthetic grass which include reduced water usage as well as time and

money spent on maintenance. Among the many benefits of synthetic grass, there are ways to create an

aesthetically pleasing and water smart landscape!

Include drought-resistant plants and flowers around your synthetic grass landscape further conserve

water and add a little variety while reducing your energy bills! These plants require minimal water and,

in comparison to other plants and flowers, this will also make a tremendous mark in your conservation


A synthetic grass lawn gives you the opportunity to get creative with your landscape and have the ever-

green lawn you’ve always wanted! With a water-smart landscape, you are able to help save thousands

of gallons of water per year and have a lawn that is eco-friendly and easy to maintain! With all the

benefits of synthetic grass, your water-consuming lawn is a thing of the past.

Here are some great options for drought-tolerant plants!

1. Hummingbird Sage: This drought and frost tolerant plant grows beautiful rose-lilac color

flowers and emits a fruity scent! Perfect for spring!

2. Island Bush Poppy: This plant is an evergreen shrub blooms in the spring and tolerates cold

temperatures. With its yellow flowers, this is a perfect plant to add a pop of color to your


3. Evening Primrose: A fragrant plant that grows flat on the ground and blooms beautiful pink

and white flowers throughout spring and fall!

4. Purple Sage: An evergreen shrub that grows light purple flowers and has fuzzy, white/green

leaves! Extremely drought tolerant and attracts butterflies!

Drought resistant plants will add color and character to your lawn as well as lower water bills in addition

to your synthetic grass!